Why Quality Content is Important for your Website

Having a good looking website is great, but did you know that the content on your website is perhaps even more important than the look?

Having the best looking website in the world, but having poor content or very little content would likely mean that the website would perform badly, both in terms of SEO and also user engagement.

What is website content?

Website content is generally anything which a user would come to your website to look at - for the most part, your website content is written content, whether that be a blog post (such as this one!), some information written on your web pages, an infographic or even an ebook.

If you have a gallery website, then you may have a lot less written content, and more images - in this case, your primary content would be images, and likewise a video sharing website (e.g YouTube) has little written content, but a huge amount of videos (their primary content).

In short, website content is something that your visitors come to view. The more of it, and the better quality, the better your site should perform - as long as everything else is also done well.

Website content for visitors

You should always write content with your website's visitors in mind.

There are many (outdated) articles online which explain how to write your content to get better ranks in the search engines - a lot of them talk about keywords and ratios, and for the most part, those are not only outdated, but also counter-intuitive.

If you write your content in a certain way to "game" the search engines, but it doesn't read all that well, what is the point? Even if you show up on page 1 of Google for your preferred keywords, there's still little point to articles and pages that are tailored solely to search engines. Sure, you may get thousands of visits, but if the content is keyword stuffed trash, it's just not going to convert your visitors well or add value for them.

Ask yourself, what would you prefer, 10,000 visitors per month because you're number 1 on Google, but they all leave within a couple of minutes and don't buy your product or service, or engage with your website, because the content is poor, OR 100 visitors per month who get value from your website, and buy your product or service, or get in touch with you, because your content is good for the visitor?

Website content for search engines

So as we've discussed, writing content in a style that you (or any outdated guide) feels will manipulate the search engines is a pointless exercise, but that doesn't mean that writing content can't help your search engine positions.

Google loves content - more importantly, Google loves relevant content, and fresh content, so the best thing you can do is ensure your website has well written, relevant, well formatted information - if it's good for your visitors, it's generally good for search engines too.

Keeping a blog, or adding pages, news stories, guides or other information regularly also lets search engines know that your website is active and being maintained, and this also helps with rankings.

Don't have time for regular writing?

If you have the spare time to blog or write articles by yourself, that's great - it means you can keep your content fresh and regular fairly easily, but what happens if you don't have the time, motivation, or writing skills?

There are many content writing providers available online, they can be very hit and miss, and range from extremely cheap, to extremely expensive, and like most things, you'll find one that works well for you.

Pyxal offer content writing services for all types of website and social media, and can do one off articles or website content building, or a regular schedule of blog or social media posts, articles and guides.

If you're interested in having us write for you, get in touch today and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

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