Pyxal is a creative agency based in Farnham

We are a creative studio focused on building fresh, stylish creative portfolios for our clients that 
integrates perfectly with your brand in a meaningful way.
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Pyxal Creative

Pyxal Creative are a Website Design studio based in Farnham. Harnessing the power of HTML, Javascript, PHP and Cascading Stylesheets, we design beautiful, responsive websites, that not only look stunning on all web browsers, but also on tablet computers, and mobile devices.

We understand the need for an easy to use Content Management System for your website, so we use the PHP based WordPress system which powers over 75 Million Websites to date. Whether you’re looking for a simple website design to showcase your business, or want us to design a fast, reliable ecommerce store for your business, we have a web design service to suit your needs.

Website Design

Responsive modern website design in WordPress backed by Pyxal's team of website design experts.
Website Design

Infographic Design

Our talented infographic design team are able to create something unique for your business.
Infographic Design

Logo Design

Pyxal can create your business a fresh, unique and memorable logo that fits your brands identity.
Logo Design

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Some recent news and tutorials from our creative team.
Why Quality Content is Important for your Website

Having a good looking website is great, but did you know that the content on your website is perhaps even more important than the look? Having the best looking website in the world, but having poor content or very little content would likely mean that the website would perform badly, both in terms of SEO […]

Understanding your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, chances are you'll have noticed the "Bounce Rate" statistic, which is shown as a percentage of your visitors. Today, we're going to take a look at what the bounce rate is, how it's calculated, and whether or not you should be concerned about it. What is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate […]

The Pitfalls of Neglecting your Website

In this modern age, having a website for your business, and even to a lesser extent, your personal musings is important, but did you know that creating a website, or having a website created for you isn't the end of it? Having a website, but neglecting it can sometimes do more harm than good, today […]

Clear Your Browser Cache in Common Browsers

If your website, or a website you're visiting doesn't look quite right, or if you've made changes to your website and they aren't showing up for you, clearing your cache is the first thing you could try - but not everyone knows how to do this, or what a browser cache is! What is a […]

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